A relaxed dog wearing headphones at Doggies Gone Wild in Doral, enjoying a peaceful moment with soothing sounds.

Safe & Fun Dog Daycare In Miami And Doral, FL

The Dog Daycare programs at our Miami and Doral, FL locations provide a safe environment that fosters a healthy canine body, mind and spirit. Free to play and exercise under the watch of our highly-trained staff, your dog can engage, improve social skills and get plenty of exercise – on top of having tons of fun.

“We do not stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

– George Bernard Shaw

A freshly bathed dog wrapped in a towel at Doggies Gone Wild in Miami Gardens, looking cozy and content after a soothing grooming session

Dog Daycare Gone Wild At Our Two Miami Area Locations

Dogs are social by nature, but our busy lives often mean too much time home alone for our furry pals. At Doggies Gone Wild, your dog can make lots of new friends, release extra energy, and have all the fun they deserve. Your best friend will come home relaxed, tired, and happy to see you.
  • Expansive play yards designed for safe, healthy fun
  • 100% supervision from highly-trained staff
  • Agility course obstacles and other fun interactive toys
  • Fresh, filtered water at all times
  • Rest periods for napping and recharging
  • Individual daycare is available for those pups that prefer human friends
  • Dog Daycare In Doral, FL

    Our beautiful Doral facility features a fully air-conditioned indoor play park, where our furry guests can play all day without feeling the heat. Decked out in playground equipment and safe toys, our doggie daycare provides all the fun and games your pup needs to spend their energy.

  • Dog Daycare In Miami, FL

    Drop your dog at our Miami daycare for some canine fun! Our double-fenced outdoor play yards are covered in premium synthetic grass designed to keep your dog’s feet clean and comfortable. After playing with furry friends, our daycare guests love to cool down in our splash pools and in the shade.

A dog wrapped in a towel, freshly bathed and cozy, at Doggies Gone Wild in Miami Gardens, radiating comfort and care after a soothing bath.

Puppy Shuttle

Doggies Gone Wild is here to make your pet parenting life as easy as possible. That’s why we offer a convenient and safe transportation option to and from any of our services. Call today to find out more.

Call today to find out more at (305) 740-6456!

  • Dog Daycare - A Healthy Alternative

    Do you envision a bored and lonely pup while you’re at work? Afraid you’ll come home to destroyed furniture? Let us put your mind at ease and your dog at play with our dog daycare! Here are some of the most vital benefits daycare provides.

    • Promotes proper socialization with other dogs and humans
    • Good physical exercise for a healthy body and mind
    • Provides the mental stimulation dogs crave
    • Helps deter undesirable behaviors such as chewing, barking, and digging
    • Satisfies a dog’s instinctual pack nature in a safe and supervised place
    • It’s a healthy outlet for canine energy, leaving you with a calm and satisfied pup at the end of the day
    • Gives you peace of mind knowing your dog is safe and having fun
  • Dedicated To Safety

    At Doggies Gone Wild, we take safety very seriously. Daycare begins with a free behavioral evaluation: our knowledgeable daycare staff will determine the best playgroup for your dog based on size, temperament, and play style. Plus, our staff is highly educated in dog behavior and off-leash play practices, ensuring a comfortable and healthy experience for every guest. Playgroups are supervised at all times, so you can rest easy knowing your dog’s in a loving and safe environment.

    Call us today at (305) 740-6456 (Doral) or (305) 740-6456 (Miami Gardens) to schedule your free behavioral evaluation!

One of our Doral team members joyfully playing frisbee with two Golden Retrievers, showcasing the fun and active engagement we offer at Doggies Gone Wild.
Two children lovingly bathing their Golden Retriever at Doggies Gone Wild in Doral, sharing a moment of care and family fun.
Hear what our clients have to say about us
A professional dog groomer in Doral at Doggies Gone Wild skillfully brushing a dog, ensuring a neat and comfortable coat with expert care.
A Beagle joyfully playing with a toy at Doggies Gone Wild's Miami facility, enjoying the spacious and fun environment.
A Doral team member at Doggies Gone Wild affectionately petting a dog, showcasing our staff's love and dedication to each pet's wellbeing.
A Corgi energetically navigating an obstacle course at Doggies Gone Wild in Doral, demonstrating agility and joy in our engaging play area.

MAYA CONSOLO, our Golden Retriever, has been enjoying your facility for the last 2 1/2 years. She loves coming during the day to play with her "favorite friends" ! On several occasions, when needed, she has spent the night. The staff is terrific and has been helpful at all times. We feel very fortunate to have the facility within an easy drive from Miami Lakes.

Petra C smiling with a testimonial for Doggies Gone Wild in Miami Gardens, praising the care for their Golden Retriever, MAYA CONSOLO, who loves the facility and the staff. — Petra C