A dog wearing sunglasses enjoying the day at Doggies Gone Wild in Doral, embodying the laid-back and fun atmosphere of our facility.

Luxury Dog Boarding In Miami & Doral, FL

Whether you’re going on vacation or traveling for work, you deserve the peace of mind your dog is safe and happy—and so does your dog! We’re here to help—Doggies Gone Wild provides friendly fun and comfort for your best friend with two locations in Miami and Doral, FL.

We’re all about wagging tails at Doggies Gone Wild. Our loving staff, comfortable accommodations and beautiful indoor/outdoor play yards are complemented by loving human attention.

  • Dog Boarding In Doral, FL

    Whether you’re headed to the beach or across the country, we’ll be your doggie’s most special home-away-from-home. Our state-of-the-art Doral location features an expansive, fully climate-controlled facility outfitted for the best in dog safety and fun. Each of our canine guest rooms are filled with the comforts of home include soft bedding, cold water and human TLC.

  • Dog Boarding In Miami, FL

    Miami natives and traveling pet parents alike come to Doggies Gone Wild for the best dog boarding in the area. Our premium overnight accommodations are fully air conditioned, complete with room service from our caregivers. Playground equipment, pet-loving staff, and spacious play yards keep all our furry guests walking on sunshine.

How Much Does Mobile Dog Grooming in Miami Cost?

Boarding Accommodations For All Dogs

All of our guest rooms come with privacy, comfy bedding, and plenty of personal attention from our trained and loving caregivers. We’re nothing like an old fashioned, chain-link kennel! Doggies Gone Wild provides our pups with:

  • Climate-controlled rooms and luxury suites with various size options
  • Highly-trained staff as caring as they are pet-passionate
    Comprehensive wellness checks delivered every day
  • The comforts of home in every accommodation, including soft bedding and soothing music
  • 2 meals a day. We recommend bringing your pet’s own food to keep them on their routine.
  • Indoor/outdoor playgrounds and at least 3 daily potty breaks

  • Whether your dog loves fellow canines or prefers two-legged company, we’ll keep them busy in their favorite ways.

    We know every dog is as unique and different as every person, and that’s why we offer customizable and discounted activity packages. If your dog enjoys social play with other dogs, we’ll unleash them in our indoor/outdoor play yards for fully-supervised doggie fun. If they prefer human playmates, our doting caregivers are happy to provide all the one-on-one love and attention they crave.

    We even have special, discounted activity packages full of our most popular activities. These can include:

    Social Play. Your social pup will enjoy supervised group play with like-sized canine friends. Playgroups are free to romp and roam to their hearts’ content. Our indoor and outdoor play areas are equipped with tons of fun toys and obstacles.

  • Individual Play. Some dogs simply prefer to play with humans rather than other canines. Our caregivers are more than happy to oblige. One-on-one TLC time can be customized to your dog’s favorite activities, like chasing a ball, extra walks, or relaxing cuddles.

    Wholesome Treats. Your pet will love our scrumptious gourmet treats, prepared fresh daily. These all-natural treats are hand-delivered to your pet’s room, like doggie room service.

    TLC Time. Treat your attention-loving pup to one-on-one time with a caregiver. They’ll enjoy their favorite activities, from talking walks to chasing a frisbee to relaxing in the sun.

    Puppy and Senior Spoiling. We’ve bundled together special care packages for our senior and our puppy guests. Puppies appreciate the extra playtime and potty breaks in our Puppy Package, while senior dogs are treated to orthopedic bedding and stretch breaks in our TLC Package.

An adorable bulldog standing on its hind legs at Doggies Gone Wild in Miami Gardens, showing off its playful side and engaging in fun activities.

Puppy Shuttle

Doggies Gone Wild is here to make your pet parenting life as easy as possible. That’s why we offer a convenient and safe transportation option to and from any of our services. Call today to find out more.

Call today to find out more at (305) 740-6456!

A team member at Doggies Gone Wild in Miami Gardens embracing a dog, demonstrating the loving and attentive care we offer to every pet in our facility.
A dog affectionately kissing its trainer at Doggies Gone Wild in Miami Gardens, illustrating the close and loving relationship between our pets and their caregivers.
One of our caregivers in Doral at Doggies Gone Wild embracing a dog to provide comfort and build trust, reflecting our commitment to compassionate care.
A dog resting its head on one of our Miami team members at Doggies Gone Wild, showing a moment of trust and affection.
A dog giving its paw to its caregiver at Doggies Gone Wild in Miami Gardens, symbolizing trust and friendship between pets and our staff.
A dog being examined by a health professional at Doggies Gone Wild in Doral, ensuring its well-being with expert care and attention.
One of our Doral team members at Doggies Gone Wild lovingly embracing a dog, showcasing the deep bond and affection we share with the pets in our care.

Doggies Gone Wild is the only place I feel comfortable taking my beloved schnauzer Jackson!! I travel a lot and work long hours and they always take the greatest care of him. Jackson is always so excited to go (he doesn't even turn around to say goodbye when I drop him off!!) and he is so happy and exhausted when I pick him up. They give great overnight care and daycare , have wonderful groomers, and most importantly, love the dogs as their own!! Doggies Gone Wild is the best, I am grateful for all they do for my furry boy!!

Ebk M standing beside her testimonial for Doggies Gone Wild, expressing gratitude for the exceptional care of her schnauzer Jackson in Miami Gardens. She highlights their reliable overnight care, daycare, and grooming services, praising the staff's genuine love for dogs. — Ebk M