The Exciting Compendium of Adorable Dog Haircuts

The Exciting Compendium of Adorable Dog Haircuts - DoggiesGoneWild

The Exciting Compendium of Adorable Dog Haircuts

Isn't it just adorable? Taking your pooch to the local dog groomer can yield superb results. Find amazing dog haircuts and styling tips here.

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 Playing dress-up with your dog is one of the most underrated joys of being a dog owner. However, it's not just about paw booties, doggy shirts, and vests. Above everything, your dog must have a neat and fabulous hairdo!

Of course, haircuts are essential to our dogs' health and happiness, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with them. Dog haircuts can help your pup's personality shine, and even make your life as a dog parent easier. If your dog is due for a visit to the groomer, this article can give you some new ideas.

Read on as we uncover the exciting world of dog hairdos, from the dapper kennel cut to the mighty lion cut.

Kennel Cut

The kennel cut is the best dog hairdo for busy owners. We understand that life gets in the way sometimes and that it can be difficult to keep up with your dog's hair. The kennel cut is a short style with one length throughout the body.

Kennel cuts can look different on every dog, depending on breed, fur type, and length. The final length is always up to you, but the shortness generally makes for less grooming time and easier maintenance. It's suitable for every breed, and your dog will come out looking neat and handsome.

Puppy Cut

Despite its name, dogs can get a puppy cut regardless of age. This doggy hairdo is a simple trim, giving your dog an even length of coat. This cut is similar to the kennel cut but is typically longer with one to two inches of fur throughout the body.

Puppy cuts are great for dogs who mat easily in between grooms. It's another good option for busy dog parents who want to make grooming easy. A long-haired dog, like an Afghan hound, may benefit from the lighter feeling of a puppy cut.

Teddy Bear Cut

Ever seen those dogs who look like live teddy bears? Your pup can look like one, too, after a teddy bear cut. This style keeps more fur around the face and less on the body.

The teddy bear cut is popular among small breeds like Bichon Frise, Maltese, and Shih Tzus. Keeping more fur around the face will soften your dog's features. You don't need to go too short with this cut, so don't be afraid to keep a little length.

Dogs with denser coats may look more like clouds or cotton balls, which are just as adorable as teddy bears.

Top Knot

Long-haired dogs look majestic, but for some breeds, their fur can get in the way of their vision. Fear not - you don't have to hack away your dog's beautiful fur. Instead, why not tie it in a cute ponytail?

You can use a small ponytail, a little bow, or even a barette. Top knots are popular with Shih Tzus and Yorkshire Terriers. This keeps the fur out of your dog's eyes and also prevents them from dunking their hair in their food or water bowls.

The best thing about this hairstyle is that it's a quick and inexpensive way to upgrade your dog's look.

Lamb Cut

If you have a dog with curly fur, try booking them for a lamb cut. This hairstyle involves cutting the fur along the chest and the body to a shorter length, while leaving more fur on the legs. Your dog will look like they have massive, woolly socks on.

The lamb cut is a versatile cut that looks great on small and big breeds. It also suits both cold and warm climates. The shorter coat will let your dog feel a little lighter during the summer, and the fuzzy socks will help keep their legs warm.

Lion Cut

Want your pup to stand out during your daily dog walks or at the dog park? Consider getting a lion cut. The lion cut involves a close trim around the body, leaving length only on the face, legs, and tip of the tail.

Few dogs can pull this look off, but it can be a good option for any dog with long hair. This cut is popular with poodles and Pomeranians, due to the natural volume of their fur.

Poodle Cut

Remember the poodles from old Disney dog films? That's exactly what the poodle cut looks like, but it isn't exclusive to poodles. Any dog with curly or wiry fur can rock this dog hairdo.

The poodle cut is similar to the lion cut but leaves more fur around the top of the head and neck. This can also make grooming easier as it prevents the curls from getting tangled. You can also ask your groomer to shape the fur on your dog's ears to make them look softer and bouncier!

Summer Cut

Summer isn't here yet, but a lot of us are already feeling the heat! It's essential to keep your dog cool so they don't overheat. One way to help is by giving them a summer cut.

Every dog breed has unique needs when it comes to their fur. So, like the kennel cut, a summer cut may look different between different dogs. A summer cut gets rid of heavy, extra layers to give your dog a lighter coat.

Keep in mind that a summer cut does not involve a full shave. The fur is usually clipped to a quarter inch at the shortest while keeping the ears and tails long. However, you can choose the length if you don't want to go too short.


Shaving your dog is often reserved for extreme circumstances, like if your dog has too many mats. Shaving your dog's coat even once can cause irreparable damage, especially to double-coated dogs. In addition, a dog's skin is sensitive.

Shaving your dog will make them more prone to sunburns, bumps, and ingrown hairs. A dog's coat also serves as a natural insulator, so it won't help your dog in the summer. Without their coat to keep them cool, a dog becomes more susceptible to heat stroke.

A groomer will usually shave off the matted section for smaller mats and leave the rest of the fur alone. You must never shave your dog down to their skin. If you're thinking about shaving your dog, it's best to consult with your vet or groomer first.


Not sure if you can commit to a completely new hairdo? No problem! Ask your groomer to neaten your dog's coat instead.

This simple cut requires minimal effort but will elevate your dog's appearance. Your groomer will start with a bath, then use clippers or scissors to trim the edges of your dog's fur.

If your dog has longer fur, your groomer can make their skirts or beards look more uniform. You can ask for a rounder look to soften your dog's appearance.

Clean Face

If your dog's face gets dirty too often, opt for a clean face cut. This style will open up your dog's face so you can appreciate their adorable features.

Your groomer will trim the fur around the mouth and nose but leave some on the rest of your dog's head. This is a great option for dogs who like to stick their nose in everything.

Additional Dog Grooming Tips

Grooming your dog can sometimes feel like a chore, especially when it's something your beloved companion doesn't enjoy. However, grooming can be a great way to deepen your bond with your dog. With the right practices, it can even be fun!

Here are some dog grooming tips to make the experience more enjoyable for you and your dog.

Learn to Brush Your Dog's Fur

Even if you take your dog to the groomer on a regular basis, you must keep up with your dog's fur maintenance. This consists of brushing your dog's hair every day. Brushing is the best way to prevent tangles and matting.

Our dogs love to play, run, and roll around in the dirt or carpet. This can cause their fur to get tangled, and, if left alone, the tangled fur can turn into mats. This can be extremely painful for your dog, as untreated matting can pull and pinch at your dog's skin.

Smooth Coat

Dogs with smooth coats have the easiest fur to maintain. You can use a bristle brush, a grooming mitt, or a rubber brush while giving your dog a bath. The rubber brush helps with shedding, getting rid of loose fur, and giving your dog a smoother coat.

Double-Coated Dogs

If your dog has a double coat, you want to start with a slicker brush. Brush in the direction of growth to get rid of tangles, dirt, and debris in your dog's coat. Next, go in with an undercoat rake to reduce shedding.

Double-coated dogs usually shed their undercoats. A metal comb or undercoat rake will help reduce shedding. Remember to use light pressure and not to pull too hard when you encounter a clump of fur.

Trim Your Dog's Nails

Dogs naturally wear out their nails when they spend time outdoors. However, if your dog spends most of its time inside, it may not have the opportunity to do so.

Dog owners are familiar with scratches from their dogs, even if we know their pets don't mean to. Long nails are not only painful for us, but also for our dogs if we neglect to trim them. If the nails are too long, they can push back into your dog's nailbed, causing pain and discomfort.

Your dog will appreciate you learning how to trim its nails. It's best to trim your dog's nails at least once a week.

Make Grooming Fun

The best way to make the grooming experience easier for you and your dog is to make it fun. If you have a puppy, introduce them to grooming practices early. Acclimate your puppy to getting its paws, ears, and tail touched.

Introduce your dog to the brush and nail clippers by allowing them to sniff it. If your dog reacts well, reward them with a treat and a ton of affection. It would also help to do this every bath time.

It's essential that your dog doesn't see bath time as a form of punishment. Do not reward bad behavior, and do not coddle your dog every time they cry. This can reinforce their behavior and make them more aversive to grooming.

Find a Good Dog Groomer

Grooming services can help your dog feel and look its best. They also take some of the stress away when it comes to maintenance.

Dog grooming is becoming a more popular profession, but it can sometimes be difficult to find an experienced groomer. Contact fellow dog parents and find out where they get dog grooming. It's also best to do your own research and look for reviews online.

In some states, dog groomers must be certified. This ensures that the groomer is properly educated and can accommodate your dog's needs.

Before you book an appointment for your dog, visit the groomer. Find out if the salon is clean and sanitized. Take some time to talk to the groomer and get a feel of their personality.

Do you feel comfortable and confident? Do they take the time to answer your questions and concerns? Make sure that you can trust this person with your dog's well-being.

The best dog groomers do not specialize in different haircuts. Instead, they put their clients' health first. If you can see that your groomer cares deeply about dogs, you can rest assured your dog is in safe hands.  

Exciting Dog Haircuts for a Canine Glow-Up

From kennel cuts to various pom haircuts, dog haircuts can be both fashionable and functional. If you're interested in a new hairstyle for your dog, take one from this list! 

Whether your dog needs a quick refresh or a complete makeover, our dog groomers in Doral are here to serve. Doggies Gone Wild offers everything from breed-specific hairstyles to doggy facials. Contact us today and let us know how we can help. 

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