What to Look for in a Pet Daycare


My name is Marco Ramirez. I’m the founder of Doggies Gone Wild, and today I’d like to give you a few tips on how to find the best pet daycare boarding facility for your pet.

Staff Should Be Cheerful and Dedicated

Number one. When you come to the facility, the staff should engage with your dog, should be happy to work. You should feel how passionate they are with animals. You know, you go to a place, it’s like fast food restaurant, “here’s your dog, give me your money, and go,” you know, that’s not a good sign.

Pet Daycare Facilities Should Be Climate-Controlled

Number two. It should be a climate-controlled environment. Here in Miami, you know, it rains sixty percent of the time, and ninety percent of the time it’s like ninety degrees. It’s too hot and it’s raining, so you know, the idea is what happens with that when, you know, you can have two acres of land, but what happens when it’s raining and it’s too hot for your dog? You should have indoor playgrounds, and as I said it’s climate-controlled. Instead putting them in a room, the dog can still enjoy the fact that it has an indoor park and continue playing with all her friends. It doesn’t matter, the weather outside.

Ask for a Tour of the Facilities

Number three. You should be able to see the facilities. There should not be a reason why someone would not show you the facilities. Make sure you call before to set an appointment, but you should be able to see the place inside.

Dogs Should Be Divided by Size

Number four. Dogs should be divided by size. You don’t want a Great Dane Playing with a Chihuahua. That’s just a liability waiting to happen. You want to make sure you have two different playgrounds where you’re going to be able to keep separated those big differences in size.

Make Sure the Facility Is Not Understaffed

Number five. Pay attention to the amount of staff. We do have a lot of things that we do with dogs, and it’s impossible to do with one or two staff. Understaffed facilities will not be able to pay attention to all the dogs.

There Should Be an Outdoor Area

Number six. The facility should have an outdoor area where the dogs can play and, as well, relieve themselves. You don’t want a dog relieving himself inside the facility as this is not sanitary.

Where Will You Go for Pet Daycare?

We can all agree that pets are more than pets. They’re a member of the family, and it’s important for you to find a location where they’re going to be safe and happy. If you follow the tips that I gave you, you should be able to find the best location for your pet.