Upscale Dog Boarding Miami Gardens: Doesn’t Fido Deserve a Vacation?

Dog in sunglasses and a pink robe at the spa

It’s officially Summer! That can mean only one thing: vacation. Can I get a “woo hoo!”? As you pack your bags and book your flight, take a minute to slow down and think about good ol’ Snickers. She hasn’t left your side since last year. In fact, with all the love and affection she’s been laying on you, you could say she’s been working just as hard you have been. Doesn’t she deserve to be pampered, too? An upscale dog boarding facility Miami Gardens can offer is just the way to ensure everyone enjoys vacation season!

If you agree that Snickers needs a vacation, too, then you need to consider what type of dog boarding facility she will go to while you are out of town.

Because the truth is, not all doggy daycare and dog boarding companies are created equal. While some provide Snickers with what she needs, others only offer minimal playtime and attention—sometimes as little as an hour a day! An upscale dog boarding Miami Gardens location can provide more adequate playtime.

If you would rather come home from vacation to a happy, relaxed Snickers than a stressed out Snickers, take a look at these three reasons to choose upscale dog boarding Miami Gardens facilities for your next vacation:

Quality Care, Day and Night

You might not think that a dog needs much—some food and water, a toy, a head scratch now and then—but the truth is that your dog is not as independent as you think. In fact, dogs need lots of social time, with both humans and other dogs, to live a healthy life. Isolation, even shared isolation within a boarding facility that has dozens of other dogs kept in crates, can lead to separation anxiety issues.

Dog boarding facilities that offer ‘round the clock supervision are the best choice for your dog’s mental health. And when it comes to your pet’s well-being, we know you would do almost anything.


Allow us to reiterate: DOGS ARE SOCIAL ANIMALS!

Playtime is more than just a fun way to get exercise for dogs—it’s a way for them to get rid of some of that anxiety, too. Many dog boarding companies claim that they offer your dog adequate time to play, but the quality is just as important as quantity.

Facilities that have both indoor and outdoor play areas for your doggy to romp around in allow your pooch to stay happy and healthy rain or shine.

Comfortable, Spacious Rooms

While you want to offer your dog the freedom to play and roam freely, there are times— like at bedtime or in the event that your dog needs to be separated from other dogs—when alone time is necessary. Some boarding facilities literally have cages that they will keep your dog in for most of their stay.

To all of us at Doggies Gone Wild, that is unacceptable. We offer your doggy an upscale dog boarding Miami Gardens location, including a spacious gated area to sleep and lounge in as well as up to 12 hours of playtime per day and supervision 24/7. We believe that your dog deserves a vacation just like you do, and that’s why we offer the best in doggy daycare and dog boarding services in the Miami area. For upscale dog boarding, Miami Gardens residents always think Doggies Gone Wild.