Safe Dog Food? Why You Should Buy USA-Made Dog Food and Treats


You love your dog. You probably consider him an essential part of your family. So you know for certain that the dog food you’re feeding him is healthy, right? Are you sure you’re using safe dog food?

Unfortunately, many American doggy parents can’t answer “yes” to this question with absolute certainty. It’s not that they don’t care enough; they just don’t know how to tell whether their chosen brand is good for their furry friends. Choosing a healthy dog food can be a complicated process involving your veterinarian and a little knowledge about what ingredients to look for. The first thing to consider, however, is where it is made. As we’ve seen recently, doing so could end up saving your best friend’s life.

In 2014, the FDA began an investigation into the deaths of approximately 1,000 dogs that were given chicken, duck, and sweet potato jerky pet treats. And what do you suppose was the common thread tying all these pet treats together? China exported all of them.

While the above is an extreme example, it is an indication that you and your pet are better off buying dog food and treats made here in the USA.

Here’s why:

American-Made Safe Dog Food

If you were a pet owner in 2007, you probably remember the big pet food recall that year. Across the US, thousands of pets were getting sick. Why? Melamine, a chemical compound used to make plastic, contaminated several brands of pet food. Again, the ingredient that was contaminated originated in China. To ensure safe dog food, try to shop as local as possible.

American-Made Dog Food Is Better Quality

While some American brands of dog food and treats contain sub-par ingredients, you’re more likely to find quality ingredients in dog foods made in the USA than in dog foods made abroad. Need a quick quality-check tip? If the first ingredient listed on the package isn’t animal protein, keep looking for a better brand.

Buy Local, Support Our Economy

Buying your dog food locally doesn’t just help ensure that your doggy stays happy and healthy—it also helps keep our economy healthy. With each bag of food you buy, you’re helping to support the farmers who raise and grow the ingredients, the researchers who test the food, and the factory workers who put it on your local grocery shelf.

If you’re not sure that you’re feeding your pup safe dog food and healthy, then take this as an opportunity to learn, and reevaluate which brand you buy. Want to help your dog live a long, healthy life? Talk to our staff the next time you visit Doggies Gone Wild at our Doral or Miami Gardens locations. We will work with you to find the dog food that is best for your dog. Call our Doral location at (305) 985-6460 or our Miami Gardens location at (305) 680-1238.