Protect Sparky This Thanksgiving: 5 Foods Dogs Should Not Eat

foods dogs should not eat

While we get ready to give thanks for everything we have and chow down on all the good food that comes with Thanksgiving, let’s talk about some of the foods dogs should not eat. Believe it or not, there are quite a few that can make your dog sick and even harm your dog’s health, so it’s important to understand which are safe and which are not. Do you know which Thanksgiving foods are safe for your dog?

Here are 5 Thanksgiving foods dogs should not eat.


While plain turkey that is thoroughly cooked through is perfectly fine to feed to your doggy, turkey that has seasoning, butter, garlic or other flavor enhancing ingredients on it can make your dog sick.


Stuffing is one of the most popular Thanksgiving foods among humans, but most recipes make it one of the top foods dogs should not eat. Some contain ingredients that are highly toxic for dogs, such as wild mushrooms, raisins, grapes, and onions.

According to the American Kennel Club, the toxin in onions is especially harmful. “The toxin causes oxidative damage to your dog’s red blood cells by attaching to the oxygen molecules in your dog’s red blood cells,” says the dog pedigree organization. “This reduces the ability of the red blood cells to carry oxygen, and also tricks your dog’s body into thinking that the blood cell is an invader.”


We all (hopefully) know that chocolate is bad for dogs, but what exactly is it about this delicious treat that is so harmful to our furry four-legged friends? According to PetMD, the compounds in chocolate that do the damage are theobromine and caffeine. Symptoms of chocolate poisoning can take six to 12 hours to appear and often last up to 72 hours, so if you think your dog has ingested chocolate, don’t wait to seek treatment.

Pumpkin Pie

It’s not Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie! But before you try to give a taste to your dog, consider all the sugar and spices in the desert. Those two things add up to one thing for dogs—a bellyache. That’s no way for your dog to spend the holiday! Instead of pumpkin pie, give your dog a little bit of pureed pumpkin. It’s actually good for your dog!


This one really should go without saying. However, we’ve all seen how fast dogs are to clean up spills! Unfortunately, your dog’s body can’t handle alcohol, even in small amounts. Just like humans, dogs can suffer from intoxication, alcohol poisoning, and liver damage, leading to seizures, respiratory failure, and death in some cases. Just be careful with your drinks this Thanksgiving.

Now that you know these foods dogs should not eat, have a happy, safe Thanksgiving!

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