Keeping Your Dog Clean: A Clean Environment for Your Pet


At Doggies Gone Wild here, your pet’s safety is the number one priority in our minds, so we make sure and keep our area very clean. Keeping your dog clean isn’t just about grooming them—it’s also about keeping their surfaces and areas clean, and we’re going to go over a couple tips on how to keep your pet clean at home.

Give Your Dog Clean Bedding

Number one: bedding. Bedding you can actually clean in your laundry. You want to use very mild detergent—no fragrances, no dyes. The detergent we actually use here is called LaundraPet. You can find it on Amazon. It is completely biodegradable. It has no phosphates. It’s very healthy for your dog.

Cleaning Your Pet’s Food and Water Bowls

Number two: bowls. You should be washing your dog’s food bowls as soon as they finish eating. For example, you don’t want to use your breakfast plate as your dinner plate. You’re going to wash it in between, so same thing for your dog. Water bowls as well. You should be giving your dog clean bowls every day.

How to Clean Your Pet’s Toys

Number three: toys. You have two different types of toys. Plush toys you can throw in with your dog’s bedding using your safe pet laundry detergent. And the you have hard toys which you can hand wash along with your bowls. We do recommend that you wash your dog’s toys once a week.

Keep Your Pet’s Collar Clean

Number four: collar. Not many people think about it, but your dog’s collar should be washed. It’s just carrying germs and dirt around their neck the whole time. So you should pull it out maybe once a week and you can hand wash it using a little bit of the laundry detergent for your pet and water. Just hand wash it, rinse it off, hang it to dry, and it’s good to go.

So, remember: keep your dog clean at home and bring him to us at Doggies Gone Wild for your daycare and hotel needs.