FREE Dog Daycare

Free Dog Daycare!

  • New Clients come and try our Dog Daycare for free.
  • We offer your first day care visit, at no cost to you!
  • Thank you for being interested in Doggies Gone Wild!!!
  • Here we have the requirements to book your Free Dog Daycare visit:
Minimum Requirements:

All guests must be at least (3) months of age


All canine guests must provide proof of current vaccinations or proof of sufficient immunity against Rabies, DHPP and Bordetella. Bordetella must be administered at least (7) days prior to check-in if it has expired or has never been administered.

Spayed/Neutered Rule:

All canine guest older than 6 months must be Spayed / Neutered

You or your veterinarian office can easily fax all documents to our offices: Doral: (305) 629-6463  Miami Gardens: (305) 677-3995

In addition, all first time visitors must be checked in with signed copies of the following documents:

Enrollment Form
Vaccination Proof
Agreement Form
Pet Assessment Form

By filling the form below you agree that your pet or pets meet the Doggies Gone Wild’s minimum requirements stated above and will provide the required documented proof of vaccinations and new guest registration documents prior to check-in. We will reach you via email or phone to confirm your FREE Dog Daycare Day Reservation within 24 hours our Daycare hours are from 7am from 7pm Monday to Friday.

free dog daycare