Your Doggy Deserves a Dog Vacation!

Dog holding a frisbee

It’s summer, and that means it’s time for vacation! But doesn’t your doggy deserve a vacation, too? At Doggies Gone Wild, we believe that dog vacations are essential for healthy doggies. Check out our video below, and then, bring your doggies in for some fun!

Dog Vacation: What We Can Do for Your Doggy

In the summer, we have air-conditioned facilities, so they get to have fun inside and mingle, but we also break out the pool outside. So outside, they get to go run and splash and play. And they’re having fun!

My name is Ruby Garcia, and I am the manager here at the Miami Gardens location of Doggies Gone Wild.

At vet kennels, we see dogs in cages. These dogs, they don’t get enough activity, they don’t get out enough, they get stressed. We want them to experience fun activities.

We believe here at Doggies Gone Wild, that your dogs deserve a dog vacation, too. So while you’re vacationing and away, they’re vacationing over here.

So if you have a dog or you know someone else who has a dog and is going on vacation, bring them to us so they can have a fun vacation with us, too!

Want to learn more about what a Doggies Gone Wild dog vacation is about? Get in touch with us today. We look forward to meeting you and your doggy!

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