Why Dog Dental Care Is Important

As children, we learned the importance of brushing our teeth. Should we fail to properly care for our pearly whites, we face the consequences – cavities, tooth decay, and expensive dental bills. Unfortunately for our…

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Helping Your Dog With Storm Anxiety

If you’re reading this, chances are your pooch has a phobia for storms. Like any good pet parent, you are searching for ways to alleviate your poor dog’s stress. If only they could understand us…

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CBD For Dogs: What You Should Know

Disclaimer: DGW does not recommend the administration of any treatments without the advice of your veterinarian. The safety of dogs is our number one priority. We have gathered the information in this blog post in…

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Pet Disaster Preparedness: Is Your Pet Ready For Hurricane Season?

Keep Your Pet Safe Your pets depend on you for their safety and well-being, especially in an emergency. With hurricane season upon us (June 1 – November 30), make sure you have a plan in…

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foods dogs should not eat

Protect Sparky This Thanksgiving: 5 Foods Dogs Should Not Eat

While we get ready to give thanks for everything we have and chow down on all the good food that comes with Thanksgiving, let’s talk about some of the foods dogs should not eat. Believe…

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dog limping

Aging Dog Limping? Here’s What You Should Do

As our dogs age, we have a responsibility to make sure that they are as free from pain as possible. For a dog limping through pain all day long, it might not be obvious what…

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dog oral health

Dog Oral Health: Is Your Dog at Risk for Dental Disease?

When it comes to keeping their pups healthy, many people forget one of the most critical parts of canine healthcare—dog oral health. But it’s not just about eradicating bad doggy breath! In addition to preventing…

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Vaccinating Your Dog this Summer? Here’s Why You Should

Summer is one of the best times of year for dogs. It’s a time that’s meant for running around and frolicking in the warm sun, spending time at the beach, and going on fun trips!…

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It’s Still Not Over: Planning For Hurricane Season Dog Safety

When Irma hit Florida in September, were you ready to keep your doggy safe? Even if you took every hurricane season dog safety precaution that was at your disposal, your dog was probably terrified. Only…

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After Hurricane Irma Video On Dog Relief At Doggies Gone Wild

After Hurricane Irma , Florida is reflecting on how to better prepare for next time, for our families, including our dogs.  Hurricane Irma was a really stressful event for people, but it was stressful for…

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