Dog Feeding Tips: What You Should Know about Dog Food


The two biggest mistakes you can make when getting a dog is, obviously the main one is choosing the wrong dog food, and the second one is not following the guidelines and underfeeding or overfeeding your dog.

My name is Marco Ramirez, and I’m the founder of Doggies Gone Wild.

How Much Food Should You Feed Your Dog?

When feeding your dog, you want to make sure that you follow the guidelines. Every dog food has different guidelines depending on the amount of protein and the vitamins that they have. So if you’re using a brand of food that you should be feeding two cups and you end up feeding four cups to your dog is going to be eating so much that they get overweight. Plus dogs are not scavengers so there’s really no need to leave food in their bowl from morning till dusk. Food does become stale, and when that happens you might think the dog didn’t like the food when in reality it’s just stale.

Storing the food is also important. You want to make sure that you keep it in a sealed container so it can always maintain its freshness.

You want to make sure you give your dog a specific time to eat. Every dog is different—most veterinarians will tell you to feed them two times per day, morning and evening, and that you should give them between 15 and 20 minutes to eat. Whatever they don’t eat in that time, you should take it out of their bowl and give it to them again at night. Most people might think that their dog might get hungry later, but what you are doing is educating the dog about eating the right amount, the same way you were educated when you were young. Your parents wouldn’t let you eat your dinner for 10 hours—you have a period of time that you should be eating your food. It’s the same thing with dogs. You create a schedule so that your dog doesn’t start wondering about what else it should eat. You are effectively saying, “This is your food. Eat your food.”

What Should You Look for When Choosing Your Dog Food?

Usually when choosing a brand of food, you want to make sure that the labels look respectable, but the most important thing to look at is on the back of the bag—the ingredients. Look at the first five ingredients. The ingredients are listed by weight, so the first one on the bag is the heaviest. You want meat to be within the first five, if not the first ingredient. It is so important for us to understand that meat has to be a major part of what we need to feed our dogs.

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