Did Your Dog Have THIS Much Fun Today?

Group of dogs with staff members

You’re about to step out the door and head to work. Just as you begin to turn the door knob, you hear the sound you’ve come to love—the click-click-click of paws followed by a single, pointed BARK! As you look into your dog’s quizzical eyes, it hits you just how hard it’s going to be to leave your furry friend for the day. What you may not realize is that for Bingo, it may be even more difficult.

Separation anxiety is a common condition for dogs and puppies that spend large portions of the day on their own (four or more hours). For some dogs, it leads to attention-seeking behavior such as excessive barking or whining. It can even manifest in more destructive ways, like chewing on furniture and possessions with sentimental value or going to the bathroom indoors. When you realize that dogs are pack animals and need to socialize to stay mentally healthy—not just with other dogs, but with new people and situations, it becomes clear that an extra walk or more treats aren’t going to help break your dog of this behavior.

So, what’s a doggy parent to do?

Several scientific studies have linked dog companionship with better mental and physical health. One Harvard study from 2013 even suggests that taking care of a dog is good for heart health. Don’t you owe it to your dog to return the favor?


Doggy Daycare


What better way to help our doggies stay mentally and physically active while you’re at work than to let them hang out and play with their buds? The daily activities of doggy daycare provide your dog with the social, physical, and mental exercise needed for a happy, healthy life. You no longer need to worry about your dog (or your home) while you’re at work; instead of coming home to a mess, you get to come home to a relaxed, content dog. Why? Because you know your doggy is out there having a great time!

At Doggies Gone Wild, a Cornelius Pet Sitter and Dog Daycare service, we never let your dog out of our sight. Some of the fun activities (up to 12 hours per day, indoors and outdoors) that your doggy will get to be a part of include:

  • Fetch
  • Tug-of-war
  • Frisbee
  • Free running
  • Brushing and petting
  • And much more!

From the time you drop your dog off at Doggies Gone Wild to when you come to pick him up, your dog’s tail won’t stop wagging.

We at Doggies Gone Wild believe that our dogs are more than just pets—they’re a part of the family (their scientific name, Canis familiaris, suggests as much). They add so much value to our lives. Don’t you want to make theirs more exciting and fulfilling, too? If you have questions about our services, flexible pricing, Cornelius pet sitter services, or policies, don’t hesitate to give us a call at either of our locations in Miami Gardens and Doral.

Don’t have time to drop off or pick up your dog for daycare, grooming, or boarding? Ask us about our door-to-door concierge service! You won’t find a better Cornelius Pet Sitter or Dog Daycare anywhere!