After Hurricane Irma Video On Dog Relief At Doggies Gone Wild


After Hurricane Irma

, Florida is reflecting on how to better prepare for next time, for our families, including our dogs.  Hurricane Irma was a really stressful event for people, but it was stressful for dogs also. Dogs can definitely feel a storm coming. “It was a really scary and intense experience” says Jenna, our Doral, Florida receptionist.   “I looked out the window and I saw how it was blowing the trees and it’s just really scary to think about the damage that wind could do.”

Things are not back to normal yet so the best way to keep your dog safe is to keep them in a place that is safe. There is still a lot of debris that has fallen. There is glass, downed power lines, broken fences and things everywhere that could hurt your dog, but he may also be interested in exploring.

Some dogs cannot stand the heat, such as Frenchies, English Bulldogs and other dogs with pushed in noses. It’s way too hot for them to be at home without power.

In order to help families who are trying to get back to normal after Hurricane Irma, Doggies Gone Wild is giving 15% off of boarding, and also 15% off of grooming and bathing, so families can bring in their dogs and if they got a little dirty during the storm they can go home smelling clean and not like a hurricane!

After Hurricane Irma, a lot of families are re-thinking their preparation plan for their dogs.  We have a hurricane guide for dogs on our website to prepare for next time.  In addition to those guidelines, when a storm is coming you want to foresee your dog being scared before, during and even after the storm. You want them to be in a place that is enclosed so they can’t escape, and a place that has trained people who know how to deal with dogs who are stressed out from the storm.  Just as many people in our state are still feeling a bit unsettled after Hurricane Irma, our dogs are feeling it too.

Many families are still without power in our area.  We are hearing from people in Doral, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove and Midtown, for example who are still without air conditioning.  The trouble is that the dog friendly hotels are booked so they’re stuck.  We are taking in a lot of dogs over the weekend so they can be cool in our air conditioning, and the families can enjoy a weekend of cool, and internet, also!

To make a reservation, you can contact us at the Doral, Florida location at 305-985-6460 and you can also call us at the Miami Gardens location at 305-680-1238.