Doggies Gone Wild - Our company, our philosophy

Have you ever come across a situation in your life where you realize that your pet is more than just an animal? That they have become part of your life, your family and they are a special part of your reality? Do you strongly believe your friend deserves the best care you can find and provide for them?… Well if you answer yes to any of those questions you are not alone. Our dogs mean so much to us and we believe they make us better people and teach us so many things.

For this reason we always try to give them the best care within our capabilities. Doggies Gone Wild® opened its doors back in 2008 with our first facility in Doral Florida to provide a different option to Dog Daycare and Dog Boarding in Miami.

Dog running in a field

Welcome to your dog's Home-away-from-home. the first night's on us!

Discount subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other offers. Applies to first-time dog boarding customers only and is valid for any accommodation selected.

Unique in What We Do

We are very proud to say we are unique in what we do. We take our time to meet every dog that comes to our place; whether it is for Dog Daycare or Dog Hotel, we accommodate to their needs. We are grateful and very thankful to all our customers and employees for our success, which allowed us to open our second Miami dog boarding facility in Miami Gardens in 2014.

Every dog is exceptional with different personalities and needs and it is our responsibility to find these and provide a good dog daycare. Our facilities offer indoor playgrounds, cage-less rooms, outside areas, grooming salons & a store that carries a variety of high quality organic products we believe in. We have passion for what we do. While we keep growing, we hope you can grow with us!

Our philosophy is very simple “treat every living creature with respect and love” At Doggies Gone Wild® we truly believe in this and we implement it in our business and services.