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Holiday Dog Safety Tips: Keeping Your Dog Safe This Season

holiday dog safety tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and you know what that means! Time to break out the holiday decorations and indulge in hearty foods and sweets! Unfortunately, many of the things we do around the holidays can be dangerous, even deadly, to our four-legged friends. But don’t worry—with these holiday dog safety tips,…

It’s Still Not Over: Planning For Hurricane Season Dog Safety

hurricane season dog safety

When Irma hit Florida in September, were you ready to keep your doggy safe? Even if you took every hurricane season dog safety precaution that was at your disposal, your dog was probably terrified. Only when we try to look at things from their perspective can we begin to understand what they might be going…

Dog Body Language: How Doggies Gone Wild Reads Your Dog

dog body language

At Doggies Gone Wild, our top priority is making sure we have a safe environment for the dogs to play in. We’re all experts here at reading dog body language. I can use the example of a wagging tail. A fast wag can mean comfortable, happy. A slow wag can mean a little bit uncertain…

Doggies Gone Wild Featured in Doggy Daycare Article on Care.com

doggy daycare

Recently, Miami-based Care.com user Jackie, who goes by the handle @jaxiscool (you are pretty cool, Jackie), posted a doggy daycare article that features Doggies Gone Wild. “The 9-to-5 grind wears on most of us,” Jackie writes. “Throw a lengthy commute in there and it can be downright exhausting. But there’s another family member who feels…

After Hurricane Irma Video On Dog Relief At Doggies Gone Wild

After Hurricane Irma downed power lines

After Hurricane Irma , Florida is reflecting on how to better prepare for next time, for our families, including our dogs.  Hurricane Irma was a really stressful event for people, but it was stressful for dogs also. Dogs can definitely feel a storm coming. “It was a really scary and intense experience” says Jenna, our…

Hurricane Irma Dogs Caught In The Storm, How You Can Help

Hurricane Irma Dogs

Hurricane Irma Dogs Abandoned As Families Evacuated As Hurricane Irma prepared to slam into the entire state of Florida over the weekend, one-third of residents were told to evacuate.  With the scary size of the storm, most heeded the warning, but sadly many dogs were left behind.  Palm Beach Country alone rescued almost 50 dogs…

Safe Dog Food? Why You Should Buy USA-Made Dog Food and Treats

safe dog food

You love your dog. You probably consider him an essential part of your family. So you know for certain that the dog food you’re feeding him is healthy, right? Are you sure you’re using safe dog food? Unfortunately, many American doggy parents can’t answer “yes” to this question with absolute certainty. It’s not that they don’t care enough;…

Cute Dogs Getting Their Ears Rubbed

dog boarding miami gardens

Do you love to watch cute dogs getting their ears rubbed? So do we! Watch this video to get your cuteness quota for the day: Cute Dogs Getting Their Ears Rubbed At Doggies Gone Wild, we can’t get enough of the cute. When you leave your dog or puppy with us, there’s nothing to worry…

Local 10 Investigates Broward County Animal Care…Doggies on the Scene

broward county animal care

I’m Spot Harley, investigative rover reporter for Doggies Gone Wild. Yesterday, Local 10 News revealed that Broward County Animal Care officials are behind a recent cover-up. Read our WDGW report below. Broward County Animal Care: Special Report Fort Lauderdale, Fla. – Broward County Animal Care officials have been falsifying documents, a recent report by ABC-affiliate WPLG…

Your Doggy Deserves a Dog Vacation!

dog vacation

It’s summer, and that means it’s time for vacation! But doesn’t your doggy deserve a vacation, too? At Doggies Gone Wild, we believe that dog vacations are essential for healthy doggies. Check out our video below, and then, bring your doggies in for some fun! Dog Vacation: What We Can Do for Your Doggy In…

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