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Vaccinating Your Dog this Summer? Here’s Why You Should

Vaccinating your dog for vacation

Summer is one of the best times of year for dogs. It’s a time that’s meant for running around and frolicking in the warm sun, spending time at the beach, and going on fun trips! But when it comes to health, it can also be a dangerous time for doggies, which means vaccinating your dog…

Should I Crate Train My Dog? Why This Is an Important Question

should I crate train my dog?

Many dog owners have a question on their minds: should I crate train my dog? While it might seem that confining your dog is cruel—who wants to spend all day in a crate?—crate training can have its advantages in certain situations. It can be a great tool for teaching your dog to calm down or…

Top 5 Miami Dog Parks: Where Will You and Your Doggy Play?

Miami dog parks

Is your dog begging to go outside and play in the nice weather? In that case, you better give him something to bark home about! In Florida, we have some really great dog parks, but Miami dog parks are among the best. To help you plan your afternoon, we’ve sniffed out some of the best…

Keeping Your Dog Clean: A Clean Environment for Your Pet

dog clean

At Doggies Gone Wild here, your pet’s safety is the number one priority in our minds, so we make sure and keep our area very clean. Keeping your dog clean isn’t just about grooming them—it’s also about keeping their surfaces and areas clean, and we’re going to go over a couple tips on how to…

Dog Grooming: How Often Should You Clip Your Dog’s Nails?

dog grooming

When it comes to dog grooming, nail clipping tops the list of tasks that dog owners would rather not have to do. Because there is no one-size-fits-all answer, many people allow their pup’s nails to grow too long—or cut them too often and too short. I’ve seen dogs come in to Doggies Gone Wild that…

What to Look for in a Pet Daycare

pet daycare

My name is Marco Ramirez. I’m the founder of Doggies Gone Wild, and today I’d like to give you a few tips on how to find the best pet daycare boarding facility for your pet. Staff Should Be Cheerful and Dedicated Number one. When you come to the facility, the staff should engage with your…

Dog Safety: How to Make a Door-Dashing Dog Heel

dog safety

For dog owners, there is possibly no feeling worse than when their dog rushes out the door. If you’re concerned about dog safety and your dog likes to dash out the door when you’re not looking, this post is for you. Why Do Dogs Dash?! I recently heard from a friend—he called me a few…

Dog Feeding Tips: What You Should Know about Dog Food

dog food

The two biggest mistakes you can make when getting a dog is, obviously the main one is choosing the wrong dog food, and the second one is not following the guidelines and underfeeding or overfeeding your dog. My name is Marco Ramirez, and I’m the founder of Doggies Gone Wild. How Much Food Should You…

Dog Nutrition: Do You Really Know What You Are Feeding Your Dog?

dog nutrition

As dog owners, we like to keep our little friends healthy, and that means taking dog nutrition seriously. But while you might think that the dog food you buy for your pet is nutritious, there are a few things you should know so that you can determine for yourself whether what you’re feeding your dog…

Happy Howl-idays! Gift Your Dog a Stay at the Best Miami Dog Hotel

best Miami dog hotel, dog hotel franchise

At Doggies Gone Wild, we like to keep things jolly. In fact, it’s kind of hard not to with so many happy doggies running around, playing, and giving puppy kisses all the time! Whether you need a quick groom or just to drop your pups off while you’re out of town visiting family for the…

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