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After Hurricane Irma Video On Dog Relief At Doggies Gone Wild

After Hurricane Irma downed power lines

After Hurricane Irma, Florida is reflecting on how to better prepare for next time, for our families, including our dogs.  Hurricane Irma was a really stressful event for people, but it was stressful for dogs also. Dogs can definitely feel a storm coming. “It was a really scary and intense experience” says Jenna, our Doral,…

Safe Dog Food? Why You Should Buy USA-Made Dog Food and Treats

safe dog food

You love your dog. You probably consider him an essential part of your family. So you know for certain that the dog food you’re feeding him is healthy, right? Are you sure you’re using safe dog food? Unfortunately, many American doggy parents can’t answer “yes” to this question with absolute certainty. It’s not that they don’t care enough;…

Bully Sticks vs. Rawhide: Is the Choice You’re Making Safe for Your Dog?

bully sticks

Dogs love to chew on things. If you’ve ever had a favorite pair of leather shoes go missing around Fido, you probably learned this pretty quickly. From Bully Sticks to Rawhide bones and even your furniture or baseboards, dogs have always needed something to munch on and stay entertained. For a long time, dog owners…

Kennel Cough Vs. Influenza Virus

kennel cough

There’s nothing more important than your dog’s health. That’s why you must learn the signs and symptoms of two common canine ailments: kennel cough and influenza virus. What are Kennel Cough and Influenza Virus? Both ailments are highly contagious respiratory infections in dogs. Kennel Cough is a term used to describe multiple viruses or bacterial…

School’s Out! 4 Tips to Childproof Your Dog or Puppy this Summer

Socialize your dog, dog behavior, dog daycare

Summer is officially in full swing! While kids are celebrating their break from schoolwork, your dog might find himself in an uncomfortable situation. Especially if he hasn’t had much exposure to children before. We’re here to help you find ways to socialize your dog with children and ensure a safe summer. In fact, as I…

4 Ways to Help Your Dog Get through the Next Thunderstorm

dog anxiety, thunderstrom, dog behavior, dog health

As we make our way into the prime thunderstorm season of summer here in the Miami area, I can’t help but share a story that one of my clients told me a while ago. It involves a broken flat-screen TV, a thunderstorm, dog anxiety, and a 6-month-old boxer puppy named Bowser (my client was a…

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