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Should I Crate Train My Dog? Why This Is an Important Question

should I crate train my dog?

Many dog owners have a question on their minds: should I crate train my dog? While it might seem that confining your dog is cruel—who wants to spend all day in a crate?—crate training can have its advantages in certain situations. It can be a great tool for teaching your dog to calm down or…

After Hurricane Irma Video On Dog Relief At Doggies Gone Wild

After Hurricane Irma downed power lines

After Hurricane Irma , Florida is reflecting on how to better prepare for next time, for our families, including our dogs.  Hurricane Irma was a really stressful event for people, but it was stressful for dogs also. Dogs can definitely feel a storm coming. “It was a really scary and intense experience” says Jenna, our…

Cute Dogs Getting Their Ears Rubbed

dog boarding miami gardens

Do you love to watch cute dogs getting their ears rubbed? So do we! Watch this video to get your cuteness quota for the day: Cute Dogs Getting Their Ears Rubbed At Doggies Gone Wild, we can’t get enough of the cute. When you leave your dog or puppy with us, there’s nothing to worry…

How Dog Daycare Can Help With Separation Anxiety

dog separation anxiety

Does Your Dog Suffer From Separation Anxiety? Separation anxiety is a challenge many dog owners face when they leave their dogs home for the day. Some dogs find ways of entertaining themselves when they are home alone–not all of which are productive. Others can be seriously distressed when left alone. Or even when a certain…

Bully Sticks vs. Rawhide: Is Your Choice Safe for Your Dog?

bully sticks, safe for dogs

Bully Sticks vs. Rawhide Dogs love to chew on things. If you’ve ever had a favorite pair of leather shoes go missing around Fido, you probably learned this pretty quickly they weren’t safe for dogs. Or from them! Bully Sticks, Rawhide bones and even your furniture or baseboards, dogs have always needed something to munch…

School’s Out! 4 Tips to Childproof Your Dog or Puppy this Summer

Socialize your dog, dog behavior, dog daycare

Summer is officially in full swing! While kids are celebrating their break from schoolwork, your dog might find himself in an uncomfortable situation. Especially if he hasn’t had much exposure to children before. We’re here to help you find ways to socialize your dog with children and ensure a safe summer. In fact, as I…

4 Ways to Help Your Dog Get through the Next Thunderstorm

dog anxiety, thunderstrom, dog behavior, dog health

Dog Anxiety Thunderstorm As we make our way into the prime thunderstorm season of summer here in the Miami area, I can’t help but share a story that one of my clients told me a while ago. It involves a broken flat-screen TV, a thunderstorm, dog anxiety, and a 6-month-old boxer puppy named Bowser (my…

Upscale Dog Boarding Miami Gardens: Doesn’t Fido Deserve a Vacation?

upscale dog boarding miami gardens

It’s officially Summer! That can mean only one thing: vacation. Can I get a “woo hoo!”? As you pack your bags and book your flight, take a minute to slow down and think about good ol’ Snickers. She hasn’t left your side since last year. In fact, with all the love and affection she’s been…

3 Tips That Will Help Your Dog Overcome Loneliness (and Make You Feel Better about Leaving for Work)

dog vacation

Many people don’t realize that dogs can feel a wide range of emotion. Contrary to popular belief, destructive behaviors such as urinating indoors, chewing on furniture, and scratching at the door are not just activities of the animal brain—they are cries for help, most likely the manifestation of your dog’s separation anxiety, fear, or plain…

Did Your Dog Have THIS Much Fun Today?

best dog boarding miami gardens

You’re about to step out the door and head to work. Just as you begin to turn the door knob, you hear the sound you’ve come to love—the click-click-click of paws followed by a single, pointed BARK! As you look into your dog’s quizzical eyes, it hits you just how hard it’s going to be…

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